How I work

Lean UX

I prefer to follow the agile and iterative principles of Lean UX. In my daily experience I figured it out to be the best way to develop digital products. I am used to work in agile teams in order to create and permanently evaluate and improve the MVP, your minimum viable product.

UX Workshop

In workshops I'd like to find out almost everything about the user and user groups related to your product. I do research and observations to gather information about the potential users.

Defining the User and the Requirements

I create personas and awake them to live based on valid data gathered from research. Based on that I create user flows to demonstrate how a user would act with a potential digital product. 

Information Architecture und Guidance

I give structure to your digital product. So that the user always gets as much information as needed and as much information as necessary and as little as possible.


I create wireframes and paper prototypes, low-fidelity prototypes to demonstrate certain functionalities and high-fidelity prototypes to make the look and feel of the product perceptible. Depending on the project I work with InVision Studio, Axure, Sketch, Figma or Adobe XD.

User Testing and Permanent Improvement

Your product is getting better every single day. That's why I check it regularly in user testings to see how it performs and to draw conclusions how to improve it.

If I can support you as an expert for Lean UX and you want me to be part of your Scrum team, I would be happy to hear from you.

Just give me a call +49 160 7350641 or write a WhatsApp.

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