Form follows function. 
Function follows people.

The Bauhaus approach that form is derived from functionality is also a good rule for digital products. Thus, they are clearly structured and clearly arranged. However, it is important to add that function can be derived from the user requirements. Only in this way is a digital product also easy to understand, simple to handle and aligned with the user's interests and habits.

Digital. Innovative. User centered.

I am Christian Geißel and I am a freelance UX professional from Munich, Germany, and I work for customers all over Europe.

For me, user experience means: getting to know the user, responding to her or him and thus developing the perfect digital product. Precisely tailored to their needs. If that's how you see UX, then I'm looking forward to getting to know you.

Just give me a call  +49 160 7350641or write a WhatsApp.

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