In 13 years of professional experience I have worked on projects for companies like Bosch Home, Siemens, Siemens Healthineers, Audi, BMW, Lufthansa, Swiss, Air Dolomiti, Miele, LEGO, e•on, Salzburg AG, Swisscard, O2, Fonic, MediaMarkt, Saturn, Migros, Siemens Betriebskrankenkasse, Esteee Lauder, Ligne St. Barth and many more.

Here is small selection of projects I was involved in:


Project: Live Your Dream Blog by Judith Williams
Client: Judith Williams
Agency: ContexLabs (Development), Zeichen & Wunder (Design), Christian Geißel (UX)
Visit the Live Your Dream Blog


Project: Ligne St. Barth Website
Client: Ligne St.Barth
Agency: ContexLabs (Development), The Garage (Design), Christian Geißel (UX)
Visit the Ligne St. Barth Website


Client: Innsbruck
Agency: Plan.Net Pulse


Project: Swisscard Website
Client: Swisscard
Agency: True Story, Zurich (Design, Development), Christian Geißel (UX)
Visit Swisscard Website


Project: Tollwood Website Relaunch
Client: Tollwood Festival
Agency: ContexLabs (Development), Bureau Fjord (UX & Visual Design), Christian Geißel (UX)
Visit the Tollwood Festival website


Project: Bayern München
Client: Bayern München
Agency: Zeros & Ones (UX, Design, Development), Christian Geißel (UX Consultant)
Visit Bayern München

I would also be happy to adapt your digital product to the special needs of your users.

Just give me a call +49 160 7350641 or write a WhatsApp.

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